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Best Social Media Management Services in India Your Company Needs

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and there are many more social media platforms that have helped millions of businesses prosper. But, is that really so easy? Handling and prospering of social media accounts can be tricky, but not with the right social media management services. We are a dedicated Social Media Management Company in India with a team of ingenious social media specialists that are ready to go above and beyond to engage, motivate and influence your audience.

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Why Social Media Management Services for businesses?

Social Media is a depot where people of all age groups, genders, culture, religions, caste, and country are present. Through its maximum utility, a business can make its way to spotlight, be a topic of conversation, and can strengthen its relationship with customers and prospect customers. But how can a business utilize the perks of social media? By none other than social media management services!

With the right social media management company, a business can drive the utmost potential of social media in its goodwill.


From the content part to its scheduling and posting, and from community management to brand making, everything will be sorted and you will get the growth you crave and the results you want. Here are a few perks of investing in social media management services:


Benefit’s of Effective Social Media Management Services


Establishing brand as a pioneer

Increasing Website Traffic

Increasing brand awareness


Lead Generation


Going viral

Boosting Sales


Why Should You Hire a Social media Management Company?


With 4.8 billion social media users, do you still think there could be any other place where you can find your target audience? Grab today’s consumers on social media with the right social media management services!

In today’s day and age social media isn’t just a place for posting kitty pictures or chit-chatting with friends. It has become a workspace for a big number of businesses. Millions of businesses are deriving big incomes by only understanding the worth of social media and the impact it can create. If you want the same to happen with your business, give Rankon Technologies a call for result-oriented social media management services in India today.


More reasons why social media management can make people talk about business:

  • An average time spent on social media by individuals is 2.5 Hours
  • Over 70% of marketers believe social media to be effective for businesses
  • Over 70% of netizens explore social media to know about brands
  • Over 70% of consumers who had a positive social media experience are likely to recommend the brand to the friends and family
  • More than 40% of consumers believe on influencer recommendations before buying any product

Social Media Management Services That’s Made Just-For-You

You know what’s your destination, we know the way!


If you find your social media activities to be slimming down, or you don’t see a progress in your social media accounts, we can handle them all! First of all, we will step back to see the bigger picture to know what were the slips and errors that was obstructing your social media progress, then we will make an action plan to get things done.

Thereafter we will execute and implement the strategies and then track the improvement.

As a social media management company, we believe that one strategy can’t fit all. You need a customized plan that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your social media.

We also assess the need-of-the-hour and ensure everything delivers on-time.


Social Media Advertising & Social Media Optimization

Count on our Social Media Management Company To Get The Best of Both Things


When it comes to social media management, there are two strategies you can choose from. The first one is Social Media Advertising and the second one is Social Media Optimising and Handeling. As a social media management company, we are familiar with both these strategies and has helped hundreds of our clients attain their perks.


Social Media Advertising

The first strategy is Social Media Advertising The paid social media marketing is undoubtedly an easier and faster means to reach a broader audience in very less time. Pioneers like Facebook and Twitter are enabling businesses to advertise on their social media platforms. For instance, on Facebook, there are ads and on Instagram there are promoted tweets.

It is based on the idea of reaching out to a large audience and getting them exposed to the product or service you want to promote. This strategy is often used by companies who want to generate leads or get more exposure as they launch a new product or service. 

In this kind of strategy, you pay for the ads to generate brand awareness and apprise customers on your products and services. Different ad placements and sponsored messages are made into use to target specific user profiles and target a bigger and broader audience.